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WinSLAMM Select Documentation

Select references and manuals are available for download below.

    v10 Program Structure Quick Reference Guide
    v10 Algorithms

History and Development
History and Development (PowerPoint)
    History and Development (Research Papers)

Parameter Files and Standard Land Use Files
    Wisconsin Regulatory Files
    Additional Standard Land Use Files (v 10.0) and File Development
    Parameter Files Regions

Select Papers

    Q&A Minnesota Stormwater Conference October 2021
    Biofilter Media Performance June 2022
    Small Storm Hydrology and WinSLAMM
    Evaporation and Evapotranspiration Rates to use in WinSLAMM February 2022
    Evapotranspiration Rates - WERF Report
    Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Low-Impact Development Practices
    2008 Calibration Report
    1991 Calibration Report
    WinSLAMM Summary
    WinSLAMM Summary (2 page)

    Modeling Practices in Series Using WinSLAMM v9.4 and earlier Versions   


Additional Documentation

The zip file below includes documentation describing various aspects of the program.  Please note, it is a large file.

    List of documents included in the Additional Documentation Zip File

    Additional Documentation


For additional manuals and references, see the References page on this website.


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